Creative Technologist

I create interfaces for artistic expression across sonic and visual mediums. I conceptualise, design and execute projects involving bespoke hardware and software solutions. My work involves creating visceral experiences focussing on Interactivity and Immediacy . I explore the domains of:

  • Interactive Audio-Visual Installations
  • Augmented/Mixed Reality Pieces
  • Physical Interfaces for Sound & Video Synthesis
    Some of my recent projects are listed below.

    Embedded Development

    Freelance embedded development work in Arduino, Teensy and ARM STM32 platforms for synthesizers and pro-audio gear. My work mostly focuses on user interface, digital control of discrete analog components and DSP.

    AR Filters for Instagram

    Interactive augmented reality filters for Instagram and Facebook paying homage to the idiosyncracies of analog video synthesis.


    Networked audio-visual site-specific installation exploring relationships between space, time and audience interaction. London 2017.

    Red Bull Music Academy: Diggin' in the Carts

    Audio Reactive CRT Installation at Fabric, London 2017.

    Shakespeare in 5.1

    An interactive performance piece featuring networked audio, voice actors, acoustic instruments & synthesizers; manipulated by a live audience through mobile web-browsers. London 2017.


    A study in generative composition. Autonomous systems based on pioneering works of Craig Reynolds are modelled using contemporary web technologies and the data is sonified, using real-time synthesis algorithms designed in the Kyma Sound Design Environment.

    Voltage Controlled Video Matrix

    A study in physical computing. Banks of high-speed relays glitches 8 x 8 composite video. Can also be used as an 8 Voice Polyphonic Synthesizer at audio, and video rates.